Mar 11, 2018

S.M.A.R.T goals

What does SMART mean? SMART is an acronym that you can use to guide your goal setting. SMART has come to mean different things to different people, as shown below. To make sure your goals are clear and reachable, each one should be:

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  Mar 07, 2018

Makefile basic

Keep seeing Makefile in popular open source repositories and wondering what it is? Me too, after browsing the Internet and learn some basic stuff on make utility, I decide to take note here, in this blog. The make utility requires a file, Makefile , which defines a set of tasks to be executed. You can use make to compile source codes, produce a final executable binary, which can then be installed using make install.

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  Aug 28, 2017

Tibet 2017

Tibet (西藏, Xīzàng) - memorable trip to historical & religous region in Inner Asia. It is the traditional homeland of the Tibetan people as well as Mount Everest, Earth’s highest mountain, rising 8,848 m (29,029 ft) above sea level.

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  May 01, 2017

Android application design

“How should I design my Android application? What kind of MVC pattern should I use? What should I use for an event bus? What should I use to store data? How do I communicate with other apps efficiently?”

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  Apr 08, 2017

Reverse Engineer Android Applications

As digital information becomes more valuable, companies are spending a lot of money to secure their data. Protecting mobile applications becomes even more crucial since apps have been created to do almost every thing, from booking a cab to buying a house. The goal of this article is to walk you through the very first step in the process of hacking a mobile application, understanding the internal structure of a mobile app by reverse engineering its apk.

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