Keep processes after terminate your ssh sessions
A quick how-to to maintain app processes when you want to terminate your ssh sessions

  Jul 08, 2017 -   read
  software, programming, ssh, http, screen, linux

Wondering how to keep your ssh processes after you terminate a session?

Steps by steps guide

  • ssh into your remote server, type screen then start any long running process you want.
    • For example, watching a directory for new files watch -d ls -lAhFv <dir>
  • Press Ctrl-A (^-A) then Ctrl-D (^-D)
    • This will detach your screen session but leave your processes running. You can now log out of the remote server.
  • When you want to resume your session, log on again and type screen -r
    • This will resume your screen session, and you can see the output of your long running process.


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